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Celeb secrets

Have you ever won­dered which pro­ce­dures your favorite celebri­ties enjoy in order to keep them look­ing so good?

Our high­ly trained Dr. Hugo is able to tell you at just one glance!

We all love Courteney Cox for her well-known roles in, Friends and Cougar Town, and we love her even more for look­ing so fan­tas­tic at the age of 51! So just how does she do it? Dr. Hugo let us in on her secret.

In order to pre­vent her frown lines and ensure there are no wrin­kles on her fore­head, the actress indulges in both Botox and Der­mal Fillers. Botox is a non­sur­gi­cal aes­thet­ic pro­ce­dure that is both safe and rel­a­tive­ly pain­less, and Der­mal Fillers are used to bal­ance the face by increas­ing vol­ume to address facial shape, fea­tures, lines and wrin­kles. Fillers are made of a phys­i­o­log­i­cal gel of cross-linked hyaluron­ic acid that is not of ani­mal ori­gin. These are also enhanced with reg­u­lar Chem­i­cal Facial Peels, ensur­ing that she rids her skin of impu­ri­ties and helps with reduc­ing fine lines under the eyes and around the mouth. It is also pos­si­ble that to keep her skin look­ing tight, she may have had some PDO Threads. PDO Threads are a form of a non-sur­gi­cal facelift that lift and tight­en sag­ging skin.

Which celebri­ty would you like to know the secret behind their beau­ty?

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